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You Were Chosen is a multi award winning documentary, filmed in Adelaide, South Australia, that tells the stories of two adoptees; of their journeys and experiences throughout their lives. It highlights the effects the laws have on them, as narrated by Prof. Shurlee Swain, along with the views entrenched in society by pro adoption advocates.

You Were Chosen is the second in a series of documentaries, covering issues that adoptees face in their lifetime and the effects it creates on both them and those around them, including their families.

The doco will be available to stream at a later date

The Crew

DOP Jordan Agutter is filming this doco with the Sony FS7 in 4k, producing some simply stunning results. He’s also operating aerial photography. This is the first time I’ve worked with Jordan. His contribution to this project has been invaluable.


Sound Tom Wroblewski is our sound recordist. He’s also on post sound mix. I’ve known Tom for several years and have always been impressed by his standard of work and professionalism.


On board we also have Luke Simmons from The Beat Box at Christies Beach. He’s been an amazing support by utilising his time and services to run his 8mm projector with Patricia’s old home movies for us to film.

The People

You Were Chosen commenced filming in March 2019, interviewing Ferg Ferguson alongside his biological mother, Evelyn Robinson.

The next filming block was the interview in June with Professor Shurlee Swain, who came in from interstate.

Finally in July, Patricia Key, adoptee was interviewed. We then obtained some of her old 8mm and Super 8 films from her youth which she had not seen before, to use within this doco.


Although the doco will be released in late 2021, you can pre order the DVD by going below 

YWC will be available to stream at a later date after release, on Amazon Prime. Links will be available on this page

Good film to watch . Best Wishes. Marcello Villiagram 04 Sep, 2020




In September 2019, You Were Chosen, Sizzle, was submitted into the Best Shorts Competition in La Jolla, California where it was selected as a finalist for the category of Movie Trailer. The sizzle then went on to receive an Award of Merit



YWC has been selected for the Accolade Global Film Competition in the Category of Best Movie Trailer, to screen in La Jolla, California for November 2019.
It has gone on to receive an “Award of Recognition 2019”



You Were Chosen was selected for the Global Shorts competition to screen in Los Angeles, California for September 2019
The Sizzle has gone on to receive an “Honourable Mention” in the category of Trailer



You Were Chosen ~ sizzle reel, was entered into the Impact Docs Awards. In September 2019, the sizzle received an “Official Selection”. Final judging for placement has earned an Award of Recognition in January 2020 in the category of Best Short. The festival is in La Jolla, California



The Doco sizzle reel has been selected to screen at Indie Short Fest in October 2019, at Los Angeles California
The 5 minute sizzle has gone on to Finalist for Best Trailer/Teaser



You Were Chosen ~ sizzle reel, was entered into the World Film Carnival, Singapore. In August 2020, the sizzle received an “Official Selection”. Final judging for placement has earned the reel as overall winner in its category. The festival is held in Singapore.

Further, the annual film carnival was in line for the prestigious Golden Merlion Awards in 2020. This is an annual event where all winners across the year compete for the annual award. This is the highest award a filmmaker can receive in their lifetime. YWC was nominated for this award against thousands of entries. It did not win overall however there were only 5 nominees in this category.



You Were Chosen ~ sizzle reel obtained official selection into the Indo American International Festival of World Cinema in India, August 2020. It went on to become a Semi-Finalist , then Finalist in the category of Micro Films. YSBG has since continued to Winner status.



YWC has been selected as a Finalist in the JellyFest Film Festival in LA for the category of Documentary Short 2021



YWC was an Official Selection of this festival in Barcelona, Spain. However, YWC went on to collect a Finalist, no film category determined, 2021 



Although the festival is to take place in June 2021, YWC is an official selection of this festival in the category of Trailer. The festival will be held in Agropoli, Italy



In May 21, the 24 Hours Film Challenge Festival in West Bengal, India, invited me to submit YWC to their festival to which the doco went on to collect Winner for Best Director and Best Editing



In the beginning of June, YSBG collected a Winner status in the Micro Film category for the Oasis Film Festival in Mumbai India

You Were Chosen ~ due for release in 2021

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    Lyonelle Venter (Nee Watson)

  2. Hi Lynelle, when the full doco is released, you will be able to access it from this page 😊

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