December 16, 2018

You Should be Grateful

You Should be Grateful is a documentary sharing the experiences of adoption by adoptees

In February 2018, we held a getaway for adult adoptees, over two nights at Barrenjoey Hideaway in the Adelaide Hills. The aim of this getaway was to connect adopted adults in a relaxed setting, for them to share their experiences of what life has been like as an adopted person. Coinciding with this, we filmed interviews and created a documentary by which we hope to raise awareness of the complexities and issues surrounding adoption.

Five adoptees reveal their most personal experiences of adoption and how it has affected their lives.

See how their seemingly unrelated life experiences resonate with others who’ve faced such extreme trauma so early in their lives but are somehow expected to be grateful. The common traits among adoptees, despite their seemingly different circumstances and the unspoken issues which sometimes surface decades later.

This new emotion-charged documentary dispels many myths which have kept adoptees silent for decades and helps unite them as a community working for better lives.

A not-to-be-missed documentary for anyone touched by adoption.

You Should be Grateful. A new documentary filmed entirely in Adelaide.

Participants at the getaway included Melinda Rackham, Louise Lawson, Anthony Patterson, Penny Ryall and Daryl Fuller. Participants interviewed, Melinda Rackham, Louise Lawson, Daryl Fuller and Adoption Expert Nikki Hartmann. Crew for this project were myself, Camera – Ruth Morris; Camera (Aerial) – Richie Khoo and Alex Khoo; Editors – Heather Waters & Chris Hilder; Production Assistants – Kiara Milisits-May and Austinn Arruzzolo.

This project was made possible with funding assistance by the Australian Government of Social Services Small Grants Program, received through Relationships Australia, South Australia, Forced Adoption Support Services.

In February 2019, YSBG won the Bronze Award for Best Documentary Short at the Independent Shorts Awards Film Festival Los Angeles. A testament to the work and effort of all involved!

YSBG received a Special Mention in the Global Shorts Documentary competition

You Should be Grateful – Release date March 2019

FINALLY!! SO happy and excited to announce that….

Release date for the Premiere of You Should be Grateful will be Thursday, 7th March 2019 at the Piccadilly Cinema in North Adelaide. 

“One of the most emotional journeys I have been on.
I urge you to come along to gain a deeper and unique understanding of life, as experienced by adoptees”

If you’re dealing with adopted people in any way, this is a must see.

So if you’re an adoptee, or related to or know someone who is adopted, this film will give you greater insight and understanding.

Your support is invaluable because it will enable important future work to continue.

This film has not been classified however I would advise that it to be rated PG. Mild tones.

Premiere at Wallis Cinema, North Adelaide, 7th March 2019, with myself, Melinda Rackham, Daryl Fuller and Anthony Patterson

Here’s what others have said about the doco …
“Adoption is so complex and the pain can last a lifetime”
“Documentary highlighted adoptee issues well”
“Original and realistic”

YSBG DVD is now on sale! Limited numbers will be available at this stage. To secure your copy, click here

The DVD is in PAL format. Although most universal devices support this format, please check the device specifications. The Region for the DVD is open so it should be fine to play on most devices.

What others are saying

Wow … I just watched ur video .. it’s outstanding and so well done! Especially in light of the recent SBS insight which was so pitiful compared to what it could have been. ~ Lynelle Long”

VIMEO is also streaming YSBG. You have the choice to either rent it or you can own it. Simply click on the video below!

Stream YSBG on Vimeo

Forced Adoption Support Services ~ Partially funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services

2 thoughts to “You Should be Grateful”

  1. Well as an adopted child at one year of age and now in my mid seventies I wept when i saw the name of your production. I have never really talked about it much there were so many things i could not understand . My adopted parents could not have children but they did not know that at the time only that they believed if they adopted one they would get pregnant. It never happened and they talked about it to friends in front of me it was horrid .One question in my mind today the catholic charities and the nuns who placed me why would they do this. The folks were living in a one room chicken building that was was cleaned up thats it . The father never held a steady job and we moved over and over again.Mom was depressed all her life some of it i am sure for her inability to produce a child . He blamed her you see without any proof of course. At barely sixteen i was sent one my own with not even a change of clothes . My education came many years later from my own motivation. The whole experience affected me in ways that linger on to this day. . Thank you for this film i have not watched it all but i will when i can watch and not be so emotional about it. One foot note i have come to believe they would have handed me over to about anyone who was catholic and went to church grr. After all it said on my birth certificate that i was the illegitimate daughter yep thats right you hear it right. of such and such, a person.

  2. Adopted in 1957 at the age of six months — always knew i was adopted — I was told “You’re lucky to have a roof over your head”.

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