January 6, 2014

Web Video

Testimonials from our clients:


Large_Quotes At Calèche we quickly jumped at the opportunity when approached by Waters Productions to create a video that would enable us to truly show brides-to-be the labour of love that goes into making a gown for our brides at Calèche. Nothing better captures this than actually seeing the whole process of when the bride first enters our store, being attended to by our staff, selection of lace and embroidery followed by the crafting proper of the gown, pattern being made, fabric rolled out and cut then the seamstress sewing it together to the fitting and ultimately the bride to be walking out of the store with a smile on her face full of great expectations for her big day.

Heather and the team at Waters Productions have captured this very well and this has been a new insight for Calèche into the marketing potential in a real life representation of our product and company, that could not be faithfully conveyed in a thousand words. From the very positive feedback and initial reactions we are getting even in these very early stages, we are confident that this promotional tool is a very valuable addition to the marketing of our Calèche brand and will result in a greater awareness with Brides-To-Be of our wedding Dresses and the work and attention that goes into creating them.

Thank You Heather and everyone at Waters Productions.

Eric Foubert

Director, Calèche

January 2014