December 12, 2014

Primal Wound

The light and darkness of adoption:
Two people, adopted at birth, form a common bond and friendship. In the search for their identity they experience the heartache, survival and triumphs of the effects this has on their lives.

The script is well underway now with plans commencing for the next workshop later in 2017.

Primal Wound Workshop: 20 September 2015

A fun tribute to the actors who participated in the workshop

The day long workshop was held in North Adelaide. Attending actors included, Marc Clement-Brown, Suzie Siebert, Marcello D’Onofrio, Rachel Strickland, Chris Toms, Emily Bagg, Reney Lock-Simmons, Pranam Janney, Victoria Grace, Peter Mitchell, Matthew Pickett and Shaeleigh Owbridge. Thankyou also to Michael Connell. Crew included myself, Garry Humphries, Executive Producer; Clorine Jackson, Writer; Kiara Milisits-May and Josh Grinter, Production Assistants.

As mentioned, this is the beginning of the feature film, Primal Wound. Before commencing the script, actors were called in to play out some scenes so that we could see the story development and obtain dialogue and ideas. All except one of our cast and crew have experienced this before so it was new to almost all of us.

Once we got ourselves sorted, the day was very productive. I will be making all future films this way. =)

Producer/Director, Heather Waters

Reading the treatment for the workshop in 2015 where actors were invited to come along and ad-lib scenes from the film

Exec Producer, Garry Humphries

Production Assist, Kiara Waters & Actor, Josh Grinter

Actors, Marc Clement-Brown & Suzie Siebert

Actors, Victoria Grace, Reney Lock-Simmons, Emily Bagg, Marc Clement-Brown, Chris Toms, Matthew Pickett, Josh Grinter

Actors, Suzie Siebert, Marcello D'Onofrio, Peter Mitchell

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