Primal Wound Treatment Workshop

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PRIMAL WOUND feature film workshop details are here!

We’re looking for actors to workshop a feature film treatment, Primal Wound, into script so this is not your usual parrot lines and play a role. This workshop is going to make you think and use your creative skills. It is also not a casting call but if we see that you are a fit for a role, we will certainly ask if you would like it.

Here are the specifics…

Date: Sunday 20th September, 10-5



2 x 18-22; 1 x 36-38; 1 x 27-32; 1 x 39-48; 1 x 19-20; 1 x 40 1 x 25-32


1 x 20-25; 1 x 39-41; 1 x 22-27; 1 x 41-43; 1 x 24-25; 1 x 45; 1 x 19-22; 1 x 30-37; 1 x 45-51

Further details will be provided upon contact. Any questions, your name, the character gender and age bracket you’re interested in can be sent to [email protected]

About the film:

The light and darkness of adoption:

Two people, adopted at birth, form a common bond and friendship. In the search for their identity they experience the heartache, survival and triumphs of the effects this has on their lives.

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