March 24, 2021




My name is Ontal but people call me Oni
My name means “real” as opposed to perceived. I stand to represent the reality of adoption and through my journeys, show that there is a better, less harmful way to help children in need.

This is my special page where we can get to know each other. 
Here, you’ll find lots of ways we can share life together! 
We can share what it means to be adopted and show others a better way to manage caring for those like us. Of course, just because you’re reading this, doesn’t mean that you’re adopted and that is great! It’s great because we can get to know each other and learn lots of stuff together. 
I can’t wait for us to be friends!

The Little Book of Adoption is HERE!

After many months of collaboration we can finally announce that The Little Book of Adoption ebook is available on Amazon and Kindle. Paperback version will be released very soon. Oni is so excited to meet you!

Click below and grab your copy on Kindle now !!

The Little Book of Adoption ~ Kindle


If you prefer paperback, click here

The Little Book of Adoption ~ Paperback

Author   Heather Waters
Illustrator      Ellie Turner

Frighteningly accurate

Presented in such a palatable way that it is both educational to the non-adoptee whilst being validating to the adopted. The book sheds real light on the complexities that it is to be born into a life of adoption. Very helpful to those who have adopted children.
P Ursell

A little gem of a book

Oni is very appealing and displays a healthy curiosity, which is used to gently educate the reader. Oni teaches us in a moving, poignant way about some of the life-long implications of being adopted. Oni is a little gem of a book.
E Robinson OAM, Adoption and Loss

Clearly set out and easy to understand

The Little Book of Adoption is an informative and valuable resource for adoptees to identify and acknowledge key issues arising from adoption. It is clearly set out and easy to understand , illustrating how adoption fundamentally alters all aspects of an adoptees self identity, and their familial roles within society. I found it resonated deeply as an adoptee and will be a great tool helping to inform others of how our birth experience shapes our self identity throughout our lives.
D Anderson

Speaks to every facet of the adoption eperience

THE LITTLE BOOK OF ADOPTION, written by Heather Waters and illustrated by Ellie Turner is a unique look inside the world of adoption. It is particularly poignant in its simplicity. Told through the charming illustrations of the main character, Oni, this little book speaks to every facet of the adoption experience – from birth to reunion. It does so with surprising depth, reaching deep inside the emotional experience of this cartoon like character. It will touch, inform, and surprise readers, while providing new ways to perceive this complicated subject. I’ve read many memoirs and stories of adoption, even writing one myself, and was profoundly moved by this innovative take on this often controversial subject.
Patti Hawn, Good Girls Don’t

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Hey did you know that you can take me home?
My mumma is working on making me come to life, so in the meantime, you can have your very own Birth Certificate for me, which you can customise. You can also make it all official and have your very own Guardianship Certificate so we can be friends forever! That would be amazing! 

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