November 7, 2013

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Waters Productions was primarily set up to make films which reflect the effects of forced adoption. This has been achieved with the making of The Lost Souls in 2012/13. Our executive producer, Garry Humphries, had a large hand in ensuring this film was executed. Although this has been an achievement, we will not stop there.

The next film, Primal Wound, is underway. This film will ensure that adoptees now have a voice. Adoption is a very profound life changing event which affects hundreds of thousands, if not more, globally. The general public need to be aware of the affects this has on not only those directly involved but those who are close to someone who is affected by this.

There are so many causes out there but this one, after many decades, is only now fully reaching the surface. To make these films and help raise awareness, we do need assistance. If you’re interested in becoming an investor for our next film, “Primal Wound”, or the documentary, “You Were Chosen”, please express your interest via the link below via our Chuffed campaign. Your support is so greatly appreciated.

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