August 23, 2015

Film Business Training

Coming soon!

Indie Film Business Training

In the meantime …

Registrations for expression of interest are open for an exciting new course. Business training for Indie Film Makers is a unique Open Learning course commencing soon.

Create and tailor a Business Plan for your next Indie Film. This training is relevant for everyone who is thinking of making, or who has made a film. The training is specifically tailored and focused for film makers and producers to deliver the tools and understanding of the many business complexities of making a film.

You will…

  • Gain an understanding of your craft from a business perspective
  • Have everything prepared from start to finish
  • Raise funds, attract investors, use product placement
  • Know your requirements, legalities and responsibilities as a film maker
  • Learn how to present and market
  • Understand each stage of business in pre production, production and post production
  • And loads more!

    With over 30 years experience in business and a film maker who has had dealings with an array of customers and clients.

    Registrations are open for a limited time. Please note, this is not a commitment.

    Special introductory price!

    Money back guaarantee

    To find out more, register your interest here

    Film Business Training