Domestic Violence Conference 2015

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domestic violence
Waters Productions at the DV Conference 2015

On November 26th 2015, we shared our support at the 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Conference which was held here in Adelaide by DV Snapshots.

It was an all day event with many key speakers including Adelaide Councillor, Priscilla Corbell; Kelly Vincent, who is the Dignity for Disability Party’s representative in South Australian Parliament; Senior Constable Derrick McManus, who, in 1994, was shot 14 times in a siege then left for 3 hours until help could reach him and survived and is now an international speaker; and Chloe Valentines’ grandmother, Belinda Valentine.

Domestic Violence
Councillor Priscilla Corbell

Domestic Violence
Kelly Vincent & Rowena Brown

The day was filled with survivors sharing their stories, Business people explaining how they are going to raise awareness and take action within their work environment, those in the minority groups who are affected and largely ignored, youth representatives, education representatives and many others both supporting and contributing to the event. The conference was organised predominately by survivors (male and female) and sponsored by the SAHMRI Wellbeing & Resilience Centre and hosted by AmyLee Hands who flew in from Queensland.

Domestic Violence
Senior Constable Derrick McManus

Domestic Violence
Belinda Valentine

Domestic Violence is a massive issue and affects everyone, not just women. It’s really important to break down the barriers of silence and ridicule to enable those affected to have a safe place to speak and be acknowledged. Action needs to be taken, processes, procedures and needs met to enable those directly affected to have a safe place to be, whether they choose to remain in their home or leave. Here in South Australia, several new procedures have been introduced which allow more freedom of choice and protection for those affected. More information can be obtained on this by visiting Domestic Violence Information

Domestic Violence
Liam Goodrich
Domestic Violence
St Aloysius College

Still more needs to be done to assist those in need and in crisis.

To follow this event and for further information visit: FB DV Snapshots

In an emergency police urge all victims of domestic violence to phone 000 or 131 444 for police attendance.

For support, phone the Domestic Violence Crisis Service on 1300 782 200 or Crisis Care on 131 611.

You can also Get Help on the Don’t cross the line website. Their information includes advice about hiding your internet use if your abuser uses the same computer as you.

Domestic Violence
DV Snapshots Conference 2015

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