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AdoptChange in Australia

Editor, Thomas Graham, Australian Journal of Adoption Senator’s Seselja and Lindgren have come out in support of AdoptChange; letters seeking support for family preservation have also been sent to other Senators. Author Thomas Graham, Editor of Australian Journal of Adoption, recently penned his concerns to the above Senators. I urge all concerned to do the same. Read his letter here: Dear Senator Gallagher During your time as Chief Minister of the ACT you will recall

The Psychology of Adoption – Adoptees Pt2

The Psychology of Adoption – Adoptees Pt2 The psychology of adoption. To begin at the beginning with the follow on of the pre-memory family for an adoptee from Pt1. People who are not adopted at birth, but adopted later, have what is called a pre-memory, to varying degrees, depending on what age they were adopted. This is described as having experienced life prior to adoption. A person adopted at birth or several days after, has

The Psychology of Adoption – Adoptees Pt1

Here I’m going to list off a few psychology traits which have directly impacted on those who are adopted. I read somewhere that, trying to describe what it’s like being adopted is akin to telling someone they just lost all their family in a car crash. Get over it.¬†Of course the difference is that there is a pre-memory of this family for that someone, which I will explain in the next part. Adoption is the

Adoption Rejection & Employment

This is the first blog of too many. I say this because adoption is a huge and complex subject. I’ve not begun this blogroll at the beginning but rather where I’m at with sorting through the gazillions of boxes which are adoption in my life. It’s worse than moving house! In fact, that’s a whole other line of discussion. Ok, so this blog is about Adoption, Rejection and Employment. It’s like a drop down menu.