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Podcast blog on IPSIFY

First Podcast blog on adoption site, IPSIFY. Very happy to finally be releasing this – for two reasons. The first is that I’d like to draw your attention to my dear friend’s site, IPSIFY, a very colourful site full of interesting adoption articles. Here’s the link IPSIFY Thomas has recently conducted an interview, which includes a podcast, with yours truly in regards to my work. Thanks Thomas, for creating this informative site and your time

Adoptive Parent Interview – Live

Adoption in that era, the 1950’s through to early 1970’s, was considered the answer to an infertile, married couple. Society’s expectation that a married couple have children, placed pressure on married couples, so the government came up with the solution of adoption. Rather than assist young, vulnerable expectant mothers, the government decided to farm the babies to the above mentioned couples, believing that the “problem” would be solved. This practice caused way more damage than

Adoption Reform Petition

Adoption Reform Petition Please click above to sign the petition – read below 17 September 2015 WE DEMAND OUR ORIGINAL AND TRUE BIRTH CERTIFICATES AS OUR IDENTITIES, NOT FALSE ONES. PUT CHILDREN FIRST, THEIR IDENTITIES AND FAMILY TREES MATTER. As people affected by adoption, we want everyone to have their own original birth certificate, unaltered, not a false one. Not many realise that adopted people have FALSE birth certificates. This is NOT necessary these days