April 9, 2017


My aim is to raise awareness, educate and advocate for adoption by giving adoptees a voice through film and by actively being involved in the community.

Ever since I can recall, I have owned a camera and always loved snapping away. I recall the excitement of taking the roll of film into the chemist, then the anticipation while waiting a week for it to be developed. I remember asking in hope which day it would be that I would finally get to see all the beautiful images that I photographed. During this decade, I developed a love for films also. I recall sneaking my grandma off, against my mother’s wishes, to see “The Shining” with Jack Nicholson, at the cinema during the school holidays. It was a real treat to see a film up on the big screen back then. That was the 70’s.

In the 80’s I was introduced to professional photography and “the darkroom”. I learned that’s not a place you make out but in fact a place where film negatives are developed and turned into prints. I loved learning about this art. My lecturer even stated that I “have the ability to “see” a picture.” The cameras that we were using were not real flash but I managed to capture this cool snap of an Armaguard dude while they were cruising along in the van. There’s also an example of a Kodak colour wheel which gauges the light levels to process at. These were taken on March 15th, 1983.



Throughout this time, I was involved in performing arts. Mostly Calisthenics however ballet, gymnastics, drama and stage performances (plays) were also part of my arts education.


Tae Kwon Do, Ninjutsu and Fencing also fit into the mix along with sports like tennis, basketball and softball. All this eventually disappeared however the continuation of photography which would eventually lead into editing then filmmaking, has always been a passion. Some of the business qualifications behind me are business studies, management, sales and admin.

After reading the Senate Inquiry in early 2012, I decided to collaborate my strengths and experience to create the screenplay, “The Lost Souls” which is centered around past forced adoption policies and practices and based on actual accounts of women’s experiences. During this time Waters Productions came to life and so began the journey of professional filmmaking.

On a personal note:

I am directly affected by adoption in that I am an adoptee. My mother was one of those women who had to hand over her child for adoption back in the 60′s. That part of my life and indeed her life, was not as brutal as some however I was placed into a home where there was little physical nurturing nor support. Unfortunately, Social workers only visited a couple of times shortly thereafter, focusing only on the conditions of the house and whether I was being clothed and fed etc.

A rare moment with my dad.
A rare moment with my dad.

My adoptive parents officially separated when I was four and I was raised an only child by my adoptive mother. I have met my biological parents and my half siblings however I think that it is difficult for all concerned to find our comfortable place for where we all belong. My entire life has been spent searching for my own identity. Even after finding my biological mother, the hole in my life still remains and always will. I have been directly involved with support groups, seminars, supervising groups, read heaps of literature on the subject and continue to be actively involved with helping others in the adoption arena.


It is the right time now for these stories to come out in that the Federal Australian Government has made a formal public apology following on from other states in Australia. The global awareness is increasing and hopefully other countries will come to address and assist, what was forced upon a very large number of women and children. Countries like Canada, UK and Spain are following our progress closely in this campaign. I believe that the release of these films will be very fitting and timely.

Thank you for dropping by.

Heather Waters


Waters Productions

Anyone wanting assistance or support with adoption concerns and issues, please contact the very supporting and caring staff at Relationships Australia Post Adoption Support Services, Hindmarsh, SA by following the link below.

Relationships Australia


Lifeline on 13 11 14