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Based in South Australia, Waters Productions drives passion into everything we do. See some of our work below including award winning, "The Lost Souls". Current projects include feature film, Primal Wound and adoptee documentary & retreat.

... a talented film maker and can vouch for her willingness to put her heart and soul into her artistic work ~ Alex

Eric Foubert ~ Caleche

The team at Waters Productions have captured Caleche very well and this has been a new insight for Caleche into the marketing potential in real life representation. Thankyou Heather and everyone at Waters Productions.

Eric Foubert ~ Caleche -
Pete Hall ~ Urban Cine

I quickly picked up that Heather is a motivated individual with a strong vision. More importantly she has a high regard for people which is clearly evident.

Pete Hall ~ Urban Cine -
Clorine Jackson ~ Cosmic Productions

Heather is a hard working, talented individual with the ability to get things happening on time in a friendly, responsible manner. I would willingly work with her making films any time.

Clorine Jackson ~ Cosmic Productions -
Adrian Hamilton Crawford ~ Actor

I found Heather thorough, highly professional and patient. I would be happy to recommend her.

Adrian Hamilton Crawford ~ Actor -
Tess OFlaherty ~ Happy Heart Productions

Heather is a passionate and hard working woman who I had the pleasure to work with on her film The Lost Souls.

Tess OFlaherty ~ Happy Heart Productions -
October 17, 2017

Adoptee Doco 2018

The Weekend Away In 2018 we will be running a two day, one night getaway for adult adoptees. This will be located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills near Birdwood, SA. It’s an opportunity to meet and share experiences with other adoptees in a similar position. The Doco Two or three participants will be selected to share their journeys of adoption. The main interview will be in the home with the remaining pick ups at the

August 10, 2016

Podcast blog on IPSIFY

First Podcast blog on adoption site, IPSIFY. Very happy to finally be releasing this – for two reasons. The first is that I’d like to draw your attention to my dear friend’s site, IPSIFY, a very colourful site full of interesting adoption articles. Here’s the link IPSIFY Thomas has recently conducted an interview, which includes a podcast, with yours truly in regards to my work. Thanks Thomas, for creating this informative site and your time

June 11, 2016

Adoptive Parent Interview – Live

Adoption in that era, the 1950’s through to early 1970’s, was considered the answer to an infertile, married couple. Society’s expectation that a married couple have children, placed pressure on married couples, so the government came up with the solution of adoption. Rather than assist young, vulnerable expectant mothers, the government decided to farm the babies to the above mentioned couples, believing that the “problem” would be solved. This practice caused way more damage than

Advertising in Newsletter
February 14, 2016

Advertising in Newsletter

With a New Year, although it’s fast becoming a not so new year, our Newsletter is making some changes. We are now incorporating information, links, advertisements and articles from artists, related groups of adoption, including adoption, with of course all our regular WP Production and event news and information. The March deadline for the Newsletter is Sunday 28th February 2016 If you fall under any of these categories, please feel free to contact me if

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